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Publicado: domingo, 5 de julio de 2015, 12:34 a. m.


In the beautiful region of the high valleys of Aguirre, just 40 minutes from the International Airport of Valencia, in Venezuela, it is the Healing Center - Spa Hacienda La Concepcion, a unique natural sanctuary in style.

Surrounded by stunning landscapes and caressed by a mild climate throughout the year, La Concepción is recognized as the first Integrated Health Center of the country.

La Conception houses in their areas all facilities of a health center and the amenities of a Spa-Hotel. Besides offering a wide range of medical therapies by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Efrain Hoffmann, La Conception has become the meeting place, rest and recreation of those who want to rejuvenate their minds, bodies and spirits in the shade 46 acres of gorgeous exotic ethnobotanical garden with varied tropical plants from Venezuela and other countries.

A formidable contrast between ancient walls, vegetable vaults and stone paths, La Hacienda La Concepcion offers those who visit the most modern equipment and facilities: Picturesque churuatas and cottages with porches and colonial squares, communicated by winding stone walkways guarded by an extraordinary ethnobotanical garden of ancient trees; two ceremonial temples and a beautiful ecumenical chapel; steam rooms, sauna, outdoor hot tubs, large heated pool, beauty salon comprehensive therapeutic welcoming spaces and a full gym in daily aerobic and cardiovascular activities are scheduled, in addition to the shaping of mind and body by using weights, machines and various psychophysical exercises scheduled to please everyone.

In the psychophysics area, a team of expert instructors under the guidance of Dr. Efrain Hoffmann teaches Yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, Taebox, and other activities to promote our overall wellbeing. Other therapeutic massages incorporate possibilities like Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Rolfing or Cranio-Sacral; fasting and colon hydrotherapy and various chiropractic, oxygenating, trace elements or cell therapies.

Besides medical consultation with Dr. Ephraim Hoffmann or any of his disciples, La Concepción has an effective program in preventive and curative medicine called: LIFE FULL - TOTAL HEALTH, and a complete program of lectures, workshops and seminars oriented management health and stress, effective communication and healthy food, among many others.

All plans offered in La Concepcion include unlimited access to the spa facilities, as well as exercise classes and activities like trips to the mountains, biking, hiking and daily practice of meditation. Three daily meals are also included at the hands of creative chef who has prepared a delicious vegetarian menu with plenty of tropical fruits and natural ingredients grown in the gardens of La Hacienda ...

And for those wishing to explore and discover the spectacular scenery of this region, guided visits from La Hacienda request of the host are planned. Some of the destinations are the Morrocoy National Park, the sanctuary of Sorte, the thermal waters of the Trenches, beaches and islands and Finance Patanemo Montero. Tour packages are also performed for the international visitor that combine other domestic destinations such as Merida, Canaima, Gran Sabana, Margarita Island, etc.

Phone: (58) (412) 759.81.89

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